Developing professional knowledge and expertise in educational technology: legacy, change and investment


  • Richard Pountney Sheffield Hallam University
  • Herman Schimmel


professional knowledge, curriculum, community, technology enhanced learning, innovation, change


This editorial reviews the curricular and pedagogical development of the international MSc TELIC programme and the work of the TELIC community since its inception in 2000. This review is used as the site of analysis to map the research undertaken and the professional practice that has emerged. Issues associated with the role, effects and implications of technology in education are examined in the light of this mapping of a professional curriculum. The notions of learning enhancement, innovation and change that are prevalent at this time in professional contexts, and which shape understandings and actions of TELIC professionals, are used to reflect on contributions to this issue and what they indicate about the state of play in the community and beyond. The paper concludes by considering what response we might make to the need for knowledge building in the professional field of educational technology and how to investigate it.

Author Biography

Richard Pountney, Sheffield Hallam University

Principal Lecturer, Teaching Fellow