Motivated for Learning? The introduction of e-portfolios to Level 1 students in a Further Education college


  • Anita Jane Kenny The University of Sheffield


virtual learning environment, learning networks, communities of practice, constructivist grounded theory


This study examines the impact of the use of IT on the results and achievements of a group of Level 1 students.  The study looks at models for learning, and the impact of curriculum modelling and learning networks within the classroom (as a form of communities of practice).  It also examines the effect on student achievement that the introduction of online portfolio building brings. Using constructivist grounded theory the research sought to examine student results using an online virtual learning environment (VLE) as opposed to a paper based system and how this might be used as an indicator of motivation.  Initial results suggest a significant improvement in submission times as well as students taking more ownership of the tracking and completion of their work and apparently being motivated to complete work more quickly and effectively.  This is an initial study; findings from this project could form the basis of further research into the formation of learning networks, communities of practice amongst Further Education students and the impact of their education experience on learning identities.