Editorial Team

  • Adil EL Fakir: Sheffield Hallam University

Senior lecturer of Finance and Banking

Phd in modelling and scientific computing in Finance

Research In AI applications to Finance such as Agent based simulations , Fuzzy Logic , Game theory , Behavioural and entrepreneurial Finance.


  • Firoz Bhayat: Sheffield Hallam University

Senior lecturer of Finance and Banking

Phd in Finance

Research interests are in the field of Fintech, Corporate Governance, Banking and Distressed investments.


  • Valerio Poti (University College Dublin)

Professor of Finance

Research projects on FinTech and Financial Data Science.

Founding editor of the peer-reviewed scientific journal Digital Finance (Springer, https://www.springer.com/journal/42521)

  • Bonnie Buchanan (University of Surry)

Professor of Finance

Head of department

Research expertise in FinTech, AI in financial services, securitization, CSR and law and finance


  • Abderrahim Taamouti (University of Liverpool)

Professor of Econometrics

Research interest in

Neural networks and asset pricing

Causality in Time Series

Characteristics functions methods

Exact sign-based Inference

Nonparametric Test and measures


  • John Fry (Hull university)

Senior lecturer in Applied Financial mathematics

Research area in AI , Bitcoins , Cryptocurrency markets , Financial crashes and bubbles.


  • Tahir Nisar (University of Southampton)

Associate Professor (Reader) within Southampton Business School at the University of Southampton, researching AI machine learning, governance and leadership, and entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial finance.


  • Richard Fairchild , (University of Bath)

Senior lecture in Finance

Research area in Behavioural finance , Crowdfunding and Game theory. He also works on neuro-economic research around the motives and incentives of social and impact investors